Sunday, January 25, 2015

One Sentence Story Books
Written by Nancy Sanders
Illustrated by Hannah Wood
Recommended age 3-5

This is ten mini paperback books.They come in a cardboard case. Each book contains a one sentence story, a Bible truth, a Bible verse and a prayer. It would be great for toddlers to start a Bible devotion. Beginning readers  would also benefit from these books. Book titles are as follows: The Sun and the Moon, Two Mice and the Ark, Moses and the Bush, David and the Giant, The City Wall, The Star and the Kings, Jesus on the water, The Good Shepherd, The Sad Son, The Angel and the Cave. Each book is colorful and beautifully illustrated.
I like how each book has a devotional activity. It is a good place to start with early readers. Younger children would also enjoy looking at the books, my only concern is they are very cheaply made. The paper is very thin as well as the cover. The case is sturdy but, I wish the books themselves were made out of a heavier material. Over all a good beginning Bible devotional for young child. I received this book free from Tyndale for my honest review.
Draw-A-Saurus By Jamie Silvani
Me and my children love to draw. It's a daily thing around our home. I was very excited to get this book and see what it had to offer. It is a fun book. The drawing instructions and diagrams are great and easy to follow. The book covers are attractive, especially for a paperback. They are made of a thicker paper and have a flap that makes the book feel sturdy. I really enjoy how the artist puts the dinosaurs in different poses and suggest silly accessories you can add to your picture. It's over 150 pages and full of dinosaur information. The artist also compares the dinosaur to animals we see today to help you to imagine and draw more accurately. I believe you would be able to use this books for a variety of age ranges. I received this book free from blogging with books. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Come back often for more book reviews. Pick up your copy of Draw-A-Saurus today.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Monday we began homeschooling again. Everyone seems to be happy and excited to start after a great Christmas break. We have switched stuff up a bit. Everything seem to be flowing better. Just like anything in life, you have to be willing to try new things. I am glad my "home school box" has been destroyed. It has been a fun, yet trying at times adventure for us. Wouldn't trade it for anything though.
So as I have mentioned before I have signed up for a couple book review websites. My first book is on it's way. It will be from So, if you like to read and then blog about books this maybe something you want to look into. There are several companies out there that offer free books in return for honest reviews. If you already do this feel free to mention who you use in the comments. Hope you have a blessed rest of your week.