Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Laugh Out Loud Pocket Doodles for Girls& Boys
By Rob Elliott

We were so excited to get these little books. My children ages are 16,12,8& 5. Though these are geared toward my younger children, they all enjoyed them. Each took turns reading and telling jokes. The pictures are cute too. You get to finish them yourself. My children haven't grown tired of them either, which happens often when new things come. In fact, they have been inspired to make up their own jokes. It's nice to have a good clean joke book for them to be silly with. Some of the the jokes are pretty lame but not all some are quite clever. Regardless we have had many laughs and fun times with these. I love that they are compact and could easily be tucked in a bag or purse and brought along with you to doctor visits or the like, where you have to wait forever and the children often get bored. We received these two books from Revell publishing for our honest review. Thanks so much these were fun!

Lizzy and Joe enjoying a laugh!