Monday, October 19, 2015

Dyslexia Games ( The Thinking Tree)

The wait is over! I was very excited to receive my box of homeschool books to review. The company generously sent me 7 books. I have children ages 16, 12, 8 and 5. There was something for everyone. They even sent me a The Busy Mom's Homeschooling Handbook.  

The children were excited to start using these. I gave each of the older three there own journal to try. My youngest kind of tags along side them. He is holding the DIY Field Trip Journal.

So the first two books you see here are DIY Field Trip Journal and The Busy Mom's Homeschooling Handbook
Let's first talk about the  DIY Field Trip Journal. It is a small paper back book with black and white pages in it. There are places for photos or drawings and lined spaces for writing. Beautiful borders that could be colored. Just like the title states it is a DIY (do it yourself). I think it will be a great addition to our homeschool. An easy and beautiful way to record field trips. I have provided links to all the books I am reviewing. You can purchase directly from Amazon.

Next, The Busy Mom's Homeschooling Handbook. I really love this. I like to doodle and color anyway, so this is right up my alley. I have a book addiction and I have some many TBR (to be read) books it's unreal. What this journal does is gives you a place to brainstorm and organize. Often I put my own needs and wants aside this will help me make time for myself. Again very beautiful pictures for you to color. Places for you to write prayer needs, recipes and even a spot to evaluate your mood. I enjoy it's simplicity. All I need to do is grab a stack of books I have been wanting to read and some markers or colored pencils and I am ready to go. I really love this book. As it states on the front cover over 180 delightful activities to help organize your day and inspire a passion for learning in your children.
We were sent three different DIY Homeschool Journals as you can see in the photo above. 

They are all the same as in your child picks out 9 books that interests them. Your child will use those books to complete their journal. They do about 10 pages of the journal a day. Also supply them with markers, colored pencils/ pens or crayons. There are opportunities for them to color, doodle and be creative. It's fun and many children prefer this method over regular text books. They are still learning and having fun doing it! It's a win, win in my book. In my opinion this is a great back bone for homeschooling. It allows you to have a record of all you are doing each day and it's all in one place. The company allows you to photo copy the pages for use in your own family, which I think is great. I think I would prefer my children to each have their own journal because it would make a great keepsake later for them to enjoy. 
See we have lots of books to read!

I am always excited to find new ways of hiding the word in my heart as well as my children. So I was happy to get the 100 Easy Bible verses. It combines Bible, Reading, Writing and Spelling. It is great for quick lesson. I think elementary to middle school would benefit the most from this book, but we do together as a family. As with all these books beautiful doodles and pictures to color if your child wants to. 
The Spelling time is great for those who know the basics but need to master commonly misspelled words. I think middle and high school would be the best. A wonderful mix of activities to help you master the 150 most commonly misspelled words with out memorizing. So it is different from the regular memorize and take a spelling test method. 

I have not been disappointed by this company. Everything I have gotten has been fun and has helped my children learn new things. I like how it gets them thinking outside of the box. How it allows them to be creative and learn things that would normally bore them. This handbooks have so much potential. The could be used for any grade level. For the child to be more independent, they would need to be reading already. But I see that I could even use this with my youngest and help him with it. So head on over to Amazon and see what all they have to offer. 
I still have several books of theirs I want to try. They have multiplication and drawing books too.

Here is a direct link to  their FAQs Page

Thank you for stopping by. Happy homeschooling!