Monday, October 29, 2012

DIY Play Kitchen

                                I am re purposing and old night stand and an old cedar chest. This Christmas my daughter will get her own custom made play kitchen. I didn't take before pictures, sorry.

sink/stove and fridge


Yes it is only October and I am in the mood for Christmas. We have been gearing up for this holiday season. Buying gifts early, putting up lights early and just feeling the spirit of Christmas all through our home. Anyone else having this issue? We really want to make special memories with the children each and everyday. This Christmas will be a special one for sure. When we found Jesus back in 2004, I would have never guessed it would have brought us to where we are now. I am a very blessed mother of 4 wonderful children. I have a very suppotive and understanding husband who takes very good care of his family. I am able to stay at home and teach our children from home. What more could I ask for? My hope is to get this blog up and running so we can share with one another along the way of life. Blessings to you all!