Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Unplanner
By Tavia Fuller Armstrong

Tavia of The Unplanned Homeschooler gave me the opportunity to review her new homeschool planner, The Unplanner. She has catered it to fit many family sizes. You have the option for 1 to 6 students. I looked over the planner briefly and then went back through it and read all her notes to homeschoolers. Each section of the planner explains how she uses it in her family as well as, helpful tips. These little nuggets are awesome, especially if you are beginning your homeschool journey. I have been homeschooling for eight years and some of the things she mentions were things I had to learn for myself "the hard way".
The planner is very simple and laid out well. I imagine many different homeschool family types would  be able to use it. The planner is broken into five sections, attendance, things to do, year in review, learning adventures and notes. You should be able to use this in any state.  It is nice having everything in one spot and ready to go. Priced at $6.49 it is hard to beat. I was given a free pdf. copy of the 4 students unplanner for my honest review.

The following information was taken directly from Tavia's page:

THE UNPLANNER is not like other homeschool planners you may have seen. Brought to you by the Unplanned Homeschooler, this organizer will help you record all of your amazing learning adventures without overloading you with pages and blanks you'll never fill in.
I understand that too much planning can lead to stress, anxiety and even feelings of guilt, especially for new homeschoolers. You don't need that!

What does THE UNPLANNER include?

In addition to helpful advice, you'll get attendance sheets for each of your students, Month at a Glance pages to help you track your appointments and upcoming events, Year in Review pages to help you record all the work your kids have done as you go and do a little light planning, and Learning Adventures pages to record the field trips, experiments and other special experiences you won't want to forget.
I designed THE UNPLANNER to cover a full 13 months, from July 2015 all the way through July 2016, because I know how frustrating it is to procrastinate and not get your new organizer in time. And priced at just $6.49, it probably costs less than what you would spend to print your own planner pages and bind them yourself.

THE UNPLANNER is professionally bound in a convenient 6x9 inch paperback, perfectly sized to toss in your bag and carry with you wherever you go. It has all the pages you need, and none of the ones you don't.

You can do this! You'll never feel like you're a failure at planning again. So relax, place your order, get your pencils ready and let's get started.

How to purchase THE UNPLANNER

It's easy! THE UNPLANNER comes in six versions, customized for 1 to 6 students. You can order the version of your choice from Amazon and take advantage of free shipping or order directly from CreateSpace by clicking one of the links below.
The Unplanner on Amazon
Create Space 1 student
Create Space 2 students
Create Space 3 Students
Create Space 4 students
Create Space 5 students
Create Space 6 students

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